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Awards & Recognitions

PlugIn PR and Marketing is one of the biggest awards platform to recognize and promote businesses and professionals. We aim to include a diverse classification of businesses and professionals and offer them a platform none like others.

We have awards in many categories, and we name the winners of each category in accordance with predetermined judging standards. The judgement procedure is impartial and fair. We invite all the outstanding and talented minds and provide this opportunity to all the business owners worldwide.

All businesses or organizations and individuals can nominate themselves. Nomination is simple and hassle-free; all you need to do is fill out a detailed form and pay a minimal fee—and that’s it, you are set to compete with all the prestigious leaders in the industry.

Bollywood Bites

Giving a personalized celebrity video greeting is a great way to go above and beyond the thrill of receiving a customized present. Receiving a celebrity video message seems challenging. Relax, PlugIn Pr has got you covered whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, wedding invitation, bachelor party invite, or making your girlfriend feel special.

Give a personalized celebrity video greeting instead of your usual gifts to make the occasion unique. with over 500 celebrities to pick from over a wide range of categories.

Exclusive Television Interviews

Advertising on television still has a huge impact on the public. It attracts a large audience that watches an average of four hours of TV every day. Marketers are discovering that cross-pollination between the online world and television can help them create even more effective ad campaigns.

1. TV Advertising builds trust

2. Advertising boosts sales

3. TV Adverts are full screen, not fighting for screen space

4. TV reaches a vast audience

5. TV advertising results can be tracked

6. Small brands can get into TV advertising on digital channels

7. TV adverts benefit from second-screening

* We arrange exclusive TV interviews with Top news channels like Zee new, Aaj Tak, India Tv, NDTV and all the major channels.

Digital PR Services

This work is comprised of our social media team, SEO/content specialist team, & creative services group.Through Social media marketing, digital marketing and strategic communications we help organizations of all sizes compete and win with expert strategy, powerful creative and award-winning websites, campaigns and digital experiences.

Social Media Verification

1. Facebook Verification

2. Facebook Blue ticks

3. Instagram Verfication

4. Youtube channel management

5. Increasing Facebook likes

6. Increasing Instagram Followers

7. Twitter enagement

8. SEO marketing

Website Creation

We at Plugin Pr and Marketing have a dedicated team for website development. we help our clients in grwoing their brand value and brand awarness. So, we work with ours ciients and make a perfect and responsive website according to clients requirements and nature of business.

We at plugin pr and marketing do following in website creation:-

1. Website Development

2. Responsive Design

3. Fits on every screen

4. SEO Management

5. Google adwords

6. Content Marketing

PR Strategies For Brand Building

Press Release is one of the most efficient and strategic ways for you to get your news out to media, financial and business journalists. Publish your press release on 100+ news and media platforms. Your Press Release is syndicated to an extensive range of news, financial, and business media outlets. 

PlugIn PR provides a personalised and expert service to assist you in spreading the word about your sector globally. With our press release submissions, you can reach journalists, editors of websites, and media outlets. Every year, each of our top clients generates millions of impressions across the globe.

Latest Events

Some of our latest works for better understanding, What PlugIn PR & Marketing Group is doing and how we are helping the Businesses to grow better.

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Our ProcesS

At Plug-In PR & Marketing, we believe that a successful marketing or PR campaign starts with a solid process. Our team follows a tried-and-true methodology to ensure that every project is executed efficiently and effectively.


It begins with a strong process that is the foundation of successful marketing and PR campaigns. Our process is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing us to meet the unique needs of each client and project.

Market Research

Through our market research process, we help our clients gain a deep understanding of their audiences and develop strategies that truly resonate. We are committed to delivering research that is accurate, insightful, and actionable.

Client Approach

We believe that strong relationships and open communication are the key to success, and we are committed to building long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.


Nominate your brand or an Individual to get maximum reach through our prestigeous awards like Brand Icon of The Year, Internatinal Business Awards or Healthcare Awards.